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Alberto Ascari Ferrari

M-056 cmc FERRARI 500 F2

Alberto Ascari Ferrari 500 F2 model-car from CMC model cars. This allmetal model is a sincere tribute to the legendary Ferrari 500 F2, the world championship car of 1953 - driver Alberto Ascari. Hand assembled from 1,463 parts, M-056 is exactly detailed and feature the craft­manship and precision that make CMC miniatures so special in the hearts of collectors. Just take a look under the engine hood or remove the rear part to assure yourself! By the way, you can save your’re time if you want to know how many rivets are included on the gas- and oiltank. CMC already did that job for you. 526 single rivets were necessary to rebuild the tanks true to the original.

Technical Data of the original Ferrari 500 F2 vehicle:

• Fourcylinder in-line-engine
• Displacement: 1,985 ccm
• Max. output: 185 hp at 7.500 rpm
• Top speed: 265 km/h
• Total weight: approx. 560 kg
• Total lenght: 3,988 mm
• Wheel base: 2,160 mm
• Double wishbone axle in the front with cross installed com­pound spring
• De-Dion rear axle with trailing link and cross installed compound spring

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