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Maserati 250F CMC ModelCar. RED LIKE THE FIRE AND THE LOVE: THE MASERATI 250 F, 1957. THE ONES WHICH ADMIRE THE ORIGINAL WILL LOVE THE MODEL. 90 years Maserati: reason enough for CMC to concern ourselves closer with that brand which is without a doubt one of the Italian racing car manufacturers with the most venerable history. CMC decided to appreciate this birthday with a replication of the 250 F. After all this racing car is called the most beautiful Monoposto who ever hit the racetrack. Also was the year 1957 doubtless one of the distinguished and event fulliest of the companies history. Back then at the 4th of August, more than 200.000 people speculated the Start of the Grand Prix of the Century at the Nürburgring. After a acrimonious fight with his both biggest rivals Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, both driving the Ferrari 801 F1, Juan Manuel Fangio was able to celebrate with his lightweight constructed Maserati 250 F and only with a head start of 3.6 seconds one of his largest triumphs. Because with that terrific victory Fangio conquered his 5th world champion-ship title and became a legend of racing car history, and so did the 250 F.The full metal model is made of 1.387 single hand mounted parts. And as we show you here, we focused our attention not only at the body. Also the "inner life" of the model was build with the highest possible level of details. Even if some of the parts are invisible for your eyes after the assembling -just like the original.

CMC MASERATI Model Car 1:18

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